Hendersonville's Unchained Chain 9

The Chop House Breaks the Chain with Locally-tailored Menu

You might say The Chop House of Hendersonville is not your typical restaurant chain. Yes, it’s owned by Connor Concepts, Inc. with 12 other locations in four states across the Southeast, but as General Manager Josh Woodham notes, early on they knew that to be successful in Hendersonville they would have to do things a bit differently.

“When we started eight years ago the perspective here was that this was a special occasion type place, an expensive restaurant,” says Woodham. “We wanted to show people there was another side to us so we discounted items at lunch and dinner to price points we felt were very competitive. And we did this without any compromise on the food quality. We haven’t looked back since and have experienced a lot of growth and success from those menu items.”

But it’s not just the value that keeps customers coming back; it’s also the food and the service for which The Chop House is known.

“What really makes us stand out is that much of our food is from scratch and that we take no shortcuts with quality,” says Woodham. “With over 90 percent of our food made from scratch, a lot of love and attention goes into the food and the preparation of it.”

Although the restaurant doesn’t open until 11 a.m., each day begins at dawn with the head chef arriving to finish the prime rib that was started the night before. Fresh food deliveries arrive around that time as well. “We have produce delivered seven days a week. Most restaurants can’t say that, so that’s special,” notes Woodham.

The Chop House is also proud of its selection of prime and dry-aged steaks. Said Woodham, “These steaks are hard-to-find in restaurants, with prime beef being in the top 2 percent of all beef served in the United States. It’s only given that designation by the USDA once it passes a certain amount of tests and checks. The dry-aged beef is special because of the process where it ages over the course of 29 to 45 days to add to the flavor and tenderness of the beef.”

Of his staff, Woodham says, “We are blessed with a great group of people. Our people really pay attention to detail and that’s what keeps guests happy. Some come back multiple times a week and when they walk in the staff remembers what they like to drink and what they had the last time. It goes a long way.”

Woodham is proud to be part of Hendersonville. “It feels good to be part of the city’s growth alongside the rest of the community.” And he loves that The Chop House offers the area an outstanding dining option for lunch and dinner. “I think it’s a great, quick in-and-out lunch spot that’s convenient and fair priced. You can eat here cheaper than a lot of fast food restaurants with our value,” he says.

And for dinner, “We have a finer dining type experience than you may typically see in the area, with white tablecloths, good wine service and a strong selection of beers and cocktails, all with that same value for quality food.”

Woodham believes it’s that quality food and service combined with the value that makes The Chop House a truly unique dining experience in Hendersonville.