Memories By Murray

My love affair with photography began with a Kodak Brownie that I took on a first grade field trip many years ago. I knew something was different about me right away when I realized that I was more interested in taking photos and learning how to use the camera than I was in the field trip.

But I never intended to become a professional photographer. Truth is, I never thought that I was good enough to pursue such a creative and artistic vocation.

When my family and I moved to Hendersonville in 2001, I felt as though I had finally found a place to call “home” for the rest of my life. A few years later, when my twin sons, Matthew and Andrew, made the football team at Station Camp, I knew I had to get involved. At the end of their first year of play the high school football photographer announced his retirement. I distinctly remember telling my wife, Debbie, that I wanted to take his place. We had no idea how much that simple decision would transform our lives.

Soon my photography efforts began to get noticed, first by students and parents and later by the local media. Within a year my photos were being published on a regular basis.

As I took on more assignments, I discovered that I have a passion for photojournalism and community events. Things progressed steadily, yet slowly, until May 2010. At that time, my life as a photographer changed forever. The great flood that overwhelmed our area spawned a photograph that took me from being a community photographer to being a nationally recognized and award-winning photographer. While my work remained regularly published in local media, it was now appearing in national and even international media, including the front page of The Tennessean and National Geographic.

In June of this year I had an opportunity to retire from the corporate world and devote my efforts to Memories by Murray (MBM) on a fulltime basis.

It was around the same time, I became acquainted with Lynn Bowles, the publisher of Hendersonville Lifestyle.  Lynn was interested in using some of my work in his magazine. I was impressed with his vision of publishing a high quality magazine focusing on the city that I love. Since that meeting, I have continued to contribute material to the magazine on a regular basis. I have truly been blessed to have the opportunity to help spread the word about our City by the Lake.

Rick Murray

Memories by Murray