Pamper Your Senses. Treat Your Sinuses 5

As a working mom of three I rarely have the chance to take time for myself. And when I do, honestly, I feel a little guilty about it. So, when the opportunity came about to spend the afternoon at the new Salt MedSpa in Hendersonville and share my experience, I jumped on it. I mean it was for work; I had to, right? I am so glad I did.

Owned by Glen and Karen Mitchell and daughter Sarah, Salt MedSpa did not disappoint. The services weren’t just about pampering, although there was plenty of that, the focus was more therapeutic and natural. Sarah says, “We want people to know that there are other, more natural ways to help heal yourself so you may not have to take allergy medications every day or if you have eczema or cystic fibrosis, that there are ways to help, naturally.”

It’s something she has personal experience with, and ultimately, what led the Mitchells to start this business. Sarah was living in the Dominican Republic and came home to Hendersonville to address some health issues. She explains, “Mom saw a Groupon for a salt cave in Nashville and said let’s go try it. We thought, at worst it’s a good girls’ day. I felt immediate relief, so I loved it. On the way back we talked about how this could totally go over in Hendersonville. We researched it, thought about how we could put our own spin on it and here we are.”

I personally had never heard of halotherapy, or salt therapy. But in fact, it was discovered in the 1800s in Poland when miners noticed their frequent exposure to salt mines yielded positive results in their skin and respiratory health. Halotherapy today is a holistic method that mimics the natural microclimate of those salt mines. “Essentially one 45 minute session in our halochamber, or salt room, is about the equivalent of three days in the salt air at the beach,” says Karen.

Salt covers the floor and the walls in the room while a halogenerator crushes pharmaceutical grade salt into micronized particles that are dispersed through the air.

While the explanation of what it is and how it works may be complex, the experience of a session in the room itself couldn’t have been easier. It’s such a peaceful setting. You simply walk in, sit in a zero gravity chair with a cozy blanket and relax to the sounds of soft music. The air feels clean and crisp as you breathe it in. While my allergies have never been serious, I do always feel a pressure behind my cheeks and in my ears during allergy season. After 20 minutes in the salt room, I could feel popping and the pressure starting to ease. I was surprised to have that effect so quickly but it felt great.

The benefits don’t just extend to those with allergies. Halotherapy helps with conditions such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis, psoriasis, acne, eczema, cystic fibrosis, sinus infections, stress and fatigue and trouble sleeping as well.  And the space is designed to be convenient to those with wheelchairs and walkers.

It’s also particularly beneficial in children. “Children really enjoy their time here. And their parents can come in and play with them in the salt or just relax in a chair,” says Karen. I can see why with their adorable, children’s salt room decorated in an under-the-sea theme with toys and a television to watch movies or cartoons.

Salt MedSpa also offers massages and facials. My experience with both was excellent and I loved that the staff was so knowledgeable and friendly. What’s more, they use all natural products.  The Mitchells are passionate about “helping people take care of themselves in a natural way.” Karen explains, “Women are the worst, but a lot of men are the same way. They are too busy in their lives with work and children. So, all of our services provide a way to take care of yourself naturally while trying to find ways to get you in and out quickly.”

Their mini-facials and 30-minute massage options do just the trick and their HaloYoga is ideal for multitaskers, combining a salt treatment and yoga at the same time. Even their HydraFacials “are only 30 to 45 minutes, perfect for a lunch break,” says Sarah.

I will definitely take time again to visit Salt MedSpa. The therapeutic benefits alone are enough of a reason, but a little pampering never hurt either.