Old Fashioned Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you wish to make these old-fashioned type ornaments you will need the following supplies:

  • An old-style light bulb ornament
  • White or silver glitter
  • Mini bottle brush trees
  • Small twine that is preferably striped red and white
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1: check to make sure you like the color of your brush trees. Some people like to change the green coloring to lighten it, or totally recolor it. You can use bleach to accomplish this

What you do need to do, however, is make sure you rinse and dry your trees. Once you have done that, make sure they fit into your bulbs.

Step 2: Add a few pinches of silver or white glitter.

Step 3: Secure the lid with a few touches from your hot glue gun, and then add your red and white bow.

Step 4: Hang your ornament on your tree.