Fashion Off the Wall 14

Have you ever heard someone say, “That print looks like my grandmother’s curtains?” More than likely grandma’s curtains inspired a fashion movement that carried over into that blouse you are wearing. It’s no surprise that trends happening in home décor can cross over into the fashion world. Both sides inspire one another, and it’s interesting to see the similarities when you start looking around.

Fashion and interior design have definitely experienced a minimalist cycle lately. If you browse through Pinterest boards, you are sure to find cleaned up white kitchens, bare walls and lots of white marble.

But the pendulum is swinging, and wallpaper is making a big comeback in the interior world. Top designers are using those freshly painted white walls as blank canvases for bold prints and engineered murals. Several of these wallpaper trends are trickling into retail stores, and they just might make it into your wardrobe this spring.

Floral Prints

Florals are trending for spring in a major way. I love how a pretty floral blouse can instantly transform a pair of blue jeans or even a basic pair of black pants. They are surprisingly very versatile and can be worn dressed for work or paired casually for the weekends.

Blue and White

Most commonly seen trending in dishes, vases and grouped together for bold impact, the blue and white trend is moving up the wall and into apparel. From blue and white stripes to pretty florals, this classic color combination is a great backdrop for popping in bright accessories such as hot pink, red and yellow.

Black and White

You can’t go wrong with a black and white print. It’s an effortless way to feel pulled together without having to think too hard. Just like our blue and white printed friends, a black and white print can be a solid foundation for layering in pops of color with shoes, handbags or jewelry.

Bold Floral

Black floral off the shoulder blouse – Nordstrom / $45

Pink floral blouse – Topshop / $52

White off the shoulder floral dress – Banana Republic / $128

Yellow floral dress – Old Navy / $30

Yellow floral top – Loft / $59.50

Blue and White

Striped dress – Anthropologie / $198

Floral top – J. Crew / $88

Floral dress – Eliza J / $158

Black and White

Black white sleeveless eyelet top – J. Crew / $98

Floral with crisscross front – Nordstrom / $45

Black with white floral – Loft / $49.50

Floral sweatshirt – Anthropologie / $128