Turning a House into a Home 1

Words from a Local Designer

Local Hendersonville designer, Julie McCoy of Julie McCoy Interiors, has been sketching design plans as early as the seventh grade. She shared that her mother and grandmother’s love of decorating inspired her and ever since she can remember she has had a passion for interiors. Born and raised in Tennessee, McCoy moved to Hendersonville six years ago with her husband and kids. She says that one of the nice things about the area is that “a lot of the homes are off of the lake and you can see the lake. It is more laid back and slower paced.”

She has been working as a designer for 20 years and her talent, expertise and passion shine through when talking with her. McCoy says that the best way to get started on a new design project is to collect pictures of things you have seen that you love. That’s the best starting point because then the designer has an idea of what the client is attracted to.  She’s says that everything she does is a “collaboration of pictures”.

McCoy also shared a common misconception that people have when looking into modifying a space. She says “People think they are going to have to get rid of things, but it is more about reworking what you have and adding to existing pieces.”

McCoy describes her design style as “traditional with a twist”. She likes to stay traditional with bigger furniture pieces and says that “the twist is in the fun stuff”. The accessories are what give the space a new and fresh look. She finds inspiration in things like color, travel and Instagram.  Neutrals are huge. She says that she likes to incorporate “layers of neutrals with pops of color”. McCoy says travel is a great way to get new ideas because you see different things than what you see here. On Instagram, she is able to find some trends from other places that may not have hit us yet.

Another popular trend is the farmhouse style. McCoy says that she likes to incorporate small aspects of the farmhouse style into a space. Something like a farmhouse sink or a shiplap wall gives the space that extra charm. She likes to use textures to warm up a space and unique lighting fixtures to pull a space together and make it stand out.

One of her favorite spaces, which is pictured, is the kitchen from the 2014 Parade of Homes in King’s Chapel.  She says that she loves everything about this space and it is understandable why. With its neutral tones, textures and lighting it incorporates many of the popular design trends that we are seeing currently.

With McCoy’s assistance, your space can be anything you want it to be. She shared that the one of the most important aspects of being a designer is that “you get to help someone make their house into a home”.