28 Days of Local

They say that home is where the heart is, so it stands to reason that this March, here at Hendersonville Lifestyle, our heart is here with you.

There are several different kinds of homes.

There’s the home you grew up in. This is the home that built you—the home that’s seen you through some of your biggest accomplishments and has comforted you through some of your hardest falls. It’s the place where you fought off monsters and built forts to keep them out, the place that’s documented your growth (physically and metaphorically) and the place that proves wrong the notion that you “can’t go home again.”

Then there’s your home away from home. Whether it’s the home you made for yourself while away at college, the home you found while building your dreams or the home you made while traveling the world, these homes represent growth during some of life’s most significant moments.

Finally, there’s the home you’ve built for your family. This is the home you’ve made your own. The home that combines the comfort and traditions from the above homes, but the home that’s there for you and your family’s future.

It comes as no surprise that we’ve dedicated this issue of Hendersonville Lifestyle to a space that’s so important. So whether you’re renovating or remodeling an old home, redecorating or reinvigorating a new space, renewing or developing traditions, or searching for a new home to see you through the next part of your journey, we hope this issue serves all (or at least some) of your home needs.