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Helping Families Prepare for and Navigate Times of Need

Tom and Barbara Bowers are truly in a family business—in every sense of the word. The couple operates the Hendersonville location of Austin and Bell Funeral Home, which opened its doors in April 2016.

Tom grew up around the funeral home business, learning as he worked alongside his uncle in high school. Now, he and his wife are carrying on his family legacy and continually serving new families in the Hendersonville community. Tom and Barbara are committed to educating families not only right after the death of a loved one but also long before.

In today’s society, preplanning of funeral arrangements is becoming more common. Planning long before the need arises can certainly ease the burden on the family of a loved one. If no previous plans have been made, it creates even more stress during the already difficult time of a loved one’s passing. Preplanning and setting up payments ahead of time will ease the burden on your family members and leave them with a wonderful gift of less worry surrounding funeral arrangements and final wishes.

“We have never heard anyone say ‘I wish he (or she) had not made any decisions about her funeral arrangements and left if for me to do,’” Barbara says. “It never fails that (family members) realize what a tremendous gift of love they just received.”

While Tom and Barbara strive to create the best possible experience for families they work with after the death of a loved one, they also want to educate those they work with—even if they are not planning a funeral. They often meet with families who have questions about cremation and other arrangements. To help provide answers and education, Austin and Bell will host seminars—with no selling involved—throughout 2017. Topics will include preplanning, cremation, taking care of your parents, veterans benefits, getting your affairs in order and many others.

“We see far too many families who are confused and unprepared,” Barbara says. “We want to help them feel better about anything that they have questions about.”

Whether it’s planning and proactive education, or support in a time of need, Tom and Barbara Bowers are committed to serving the families of Hendersonville through their work at Austin and Bell Funeral Home.