Capturing Totality

The Total Eclipse of 2017

I have always thought that there were few greater joys than being able to pursue interests that combine one or more of a person’s interests. In my case, I have recently been able to unite my vocation, photojournalism, with one of my passions, amateur astronomy. I find that astrophotography provides a fulfilling melding of science and art that enriches my life. I also love being able to bring the stories of the universe to others through my photography.

Recently, my skills and interests were tested with the nearly once-in-a-lifetime occurrence of a total solar eclipse over Hendersonville on August 21. Before the event, I spent many months studying and rehearsing for the eclipse, regularly testing and refining my techniques to capture the rare event.

From the onset, my goal was to take the best possible professional photos of the eclipse from a scientific perspective. This goal required the use of all the tools of my trade, from advanced telescopes to filter-protected DSLRs to computers running image capture and processing software. Thanks to a lot of hard work and preparation, plus the good fortune of clear skies, I was able to accomplish my goal of imaging the eclipse and sharing it with others.