Thanksgiving Traditions 2

Frances Marcou | RE/MAX

“Our favorite Thanksgiving tradition is having family together,” Frances Marcou says. She shares that since that is not always possible, they like to celebrate friendship. “We try to include folks that might not have family here or that are far away from home.”

Her family’s favorite food tradition is her mother’s pumpkin chiffon pie, which has been passed down through the family. She shares that she hopes this tradition continues in the future.

Another tradition is football. “Fall means football to us. We watch the Macy’s Day parade and then football after we have eaten.”

A tradition she hopes to pass down? “Being thankful for the people in our lives that bring us joy throughout the year.”

Barbara Bowers
Austin and Bell Funeral Home

Barbara Bowers’ favorite Thanksgiving memory is when the family used to get together at her parents’ home and have a large Thanksgiving dinner. They would play board games and cards after dinner and then eat leftovers later in the evening. She says this is a tradition that carries on today.

Her favorite Thanksgiving food is her sister’s pumpkin pie that is made from real pumpkins.

“Every part of the pie is homemade,” she says. “It is so good that we all look forward to it the next year because we know those pies are coming.”

When asked what Thanksgiving means to her, Barbara shares, “Thanksgiving means that our families have a chance to stop everything else and take the time to be together—to create new memories and be thankful for each other and all of the blessings that we have and take for granted every day. You slow down and realize what you have.”

Lynn Bowles | Publisher of 
Hendersonville Lifestyle

For Lynn Bowles, Thanksgiving traditions consist of dinner, parades and football. Every Thanksgiving he and his family watch either the Detroit or New York parade before joining friends and family for dinner. Then it is time for football.

“Being from Detroit, our tradition always includes watching the Detroit Lions football game,” he says.

A tradition he hopes continues is the “bigger than normal meal, complete with dessert.”

His favorite Thanksgiving food is the turkey and dressing made by his late mother. His wife continues this tradition, and he says she does a great job with the dish.

For Lynn, the family tradition that he wants always to continue is making time for family. “Young people are spending less time trying to get to know family members. Keeping family strong as we get older requires getting to know your family and being involved.”