Cheers to the New Year 2

A local celebration

With the holiday season just around the corner, we asked a few local community members to share what 2017 has meant to them and what they look forward to celebrating in 2018. 


“The beginning of every year pushes my birth year further behind us. Inside my brain, my years get scrunched closer together. I don’t know what I imagined a 49-year-old to be when I was younger, but I am sure I am not it. I think I am younger than I am.
“I appreciate the memories of my years’ worth of days, especially those years that include my children. Like us all, they are adding to their years. My babies, toddlers and now kids are getting older regardless of my demands that they quit growing. It truly goes by quickly.
“Since I cannot slow down the years, I try to make them better. For 2018 I intend to take better care of myself. I love bread but will refrain. I love sweets but will try to refrain. I will wash my face at night, exercise three times each week, strengthen my core, be more generous and express appreciation more often. These resolutions are vital because when 2018 ends I will no longer be 49—I will be 50.”


“2017 was very challenging and rewarding. I am grateful for God for being the light. I am blessed for those who believed in me when I didn’t. I end this year with peace for today and excited about tomorrow. We have a strong vision for 2018 & I am honored to lead and serve our community.“ 

Kathleen’s resolutions: “Grow the Chamber to 1,000 members strong and then buy stock in Redken to cover the gray hair that brings me. Find a personal trainer who will allow me to drink one glass of wine a day … then find a bigger wine glass; and the most important resolution of 2018: love God, kiss my Family and empower everyone around me. Be grateful daily for all blessings!”


“2017 was a year of growth and breaking new ground, both personally and professionally. As the first year since leaving the corporate world and taking my photography business full time, 2017 brought a lot of new and diverse opportunities. In addition, I also further grew professionally by beginning to write for several publications, including 
Hendersonville Lifestyle magazine. For the first time in my life, 2017 provided me with the joy of never dreading Mondays and never ‘working for the weekend.’

“On a personal note, 2017 was the year in which I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing and photographing a total solar eclipse. This accomplishment was made even better by being able to do it without having to leave home, all while being surrounded by family and friends.

“As for New Year’s Eve celebrations, we generally tend to stay near home and celebrate with family and friends. However, this New Year’s Eve will have a special meaning for me in that it closes out the year in which my wife Debbie and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. Accordingly, I offer up a toast for 2018 to my wife, who is the greatest blessing in my life.”