Boutique Gyms and Trendy Workouts 9

New Ways to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

High-intensity 30-Minute Kickboxing Workout

Seeking to offer a new approach to working out, Abbie and Josh Rice opened the Hendersonville 9Round Fitness Studio in the Glenbrook Center in February 2015. 9Round specializes in a unique high-intensity 30-minute workouts based upon traditional kickboxing techniques. 

The 9Round approach offers a trainer-guided total-body workout incorporating nine separate exercises. Each exercise runs at full speed for 2 1/2 minutes, followed by a 30-second active resting period before moving on to the next routine. Typically, each 30-minute workout period can burn up to 500 calories while providing significant cardio conditioning. Most of the 9Round clients achieve their fitness goals by attending three to four workout sessions per week.

Clients are carefully monitored during each session using a unique system called 9Round Pulse, a computer-based method providing real-time feedback to both clients and trainers to ensure that heart rates and effort levels meet target goals.

9Round also offers complete nutritional guidance through an online client portal that provides custom meal plans. Plans also incorporate portion and calorie intake guidance that support client weight management goals.

Owner Abbie Rice says she and Josh “take advantage of all of the nutrition and fitness guidance offered by 9Round. We are the living results of our product.”

Reformer and Mat-based Pilates Workout

Owner Tom Fielder opened the Club Pilates at Indian Lake fitness center in April 2017. Offering progressive levels of workouts, Club Pilates focuses on three separate goals: core body conditioning, body stretching and spinal decompression. Due to the low impact nature of the workouts, Pilates has become a popular exercise choice for physical therapy and injury rehabilitation.

Club Pilates offers a contemporary blend of mat-based and reformer-based Pilates. Reformer machines enable hundreds of different workout routines that are carefully controlled by adjustable springs and positions.

Club Pilates offers seven different types of classes which are offered at four different skill levels. Currently, the facility offers more than 50 classes. All classes are taught by experienced instructors who are certified in both mat-based and reformer-based Pilates. These certifications require a minimum of 500 hours of specialized training, and they typically take between six months to a few years to complete.

“Pilates is for everyone, from 14 years old to 85 years old, or older,” Tom says. “It is good for people beginning their fitness journeys as well as for professional athletes. As our slogan says, ‘do Pilates, do life.’”

Martial Arts-Themed Workouts

After serving in the Army, UFC Gym owner Sean Patton realized that he wanted to continue serving his community by helping people change their lives. He also realized that he wanted to own a business in a growing industry. Having had some experience with amateur MMA fighting and training, Sean was naturally attracted to the Ultimate Fighting Championship Gym concept.

Along with MMA-style training, UFC Gym also offers a variety of group and individual classes including boxing, circuit training, Brazilian jiujitsu, weight training and high-intensity cardio workouts. UFC Gym is also open for individual workouts throughout the day, solo or with on-staff personal trainers, all of whom are National Academy of Sports Medicine certified.

The gym also offers community outreach programs for members and nonmembers, including family nights, UFC fight viewing parties, monthly women’s self-defense classes, ladies’ nights out and men’s nights out events.

“We are more than just another gym, we are a fitness family, a community of like-minded people,” General Manager Kathryn Hill says. 

“We are very family-friendly. We have classes ranging for people ranging from 6 years old and up. Families can come to UFC Gym together and find that there is something for everyone to do at the same time.”

Family-Focused Traditional Gym with New Classes

Although not a boutique gym, the Sumner County Family YMCA is still one of the largest fitness facilities in Hendersonville. 

“Despite competition from specialty gyms and workout apps, the YMCA remains committed to focus on families. We do families better than anyone else,” Jeremy Tackett, senior program director, says.

“We have top-notch facilities, innovative programs and some of the best personal trainers in Hendersonville.

“Unlike specialty gyms, the YMCA prides itself on variety. We can offer the same sort of trendy workout programs and more.”

“The YMCA currently offers over 130 group exercise programs for its members,” Marlene Hilligoss, senior program director, says. “We are currently offering youth strength-training classes for 10 year olds, cardio boot camps and a new program called Pound, which uses specialized drumsticks as part of a fun,high-intensity workout. The Pound classes are some of the fastest-growing workouts offered by the YMCA, and they are just another example of how the gym adapts to changing customer needs.”

One of the YMCA’s biggest advantages is its aquatics facilities. 

“At the YMCA, we love our water,” Marlene says. “From the outdoor pool to our indoor facilities, nobody offers more water programs than the YMCA.”