Emily VanBrocklin

Contributing writer Emily VanBrocklin has been an English teacher here in Hendersonville at Beech High School for the past five years. She lives in Hendersonville with her husband, daughter and brand-new baby boy. Emily is an avid Predators fan. She has a deep passion for animal rescue; she has four cats and two dogs, all rescues of some sort. What Jackie loves most about Hendersonville is that it offers all the shopping and entertainment she could want but still maintains that small-town charm.

Jackie Mewbourne

Jackie moved to Hendersonville from Dallas with her family in 2007 after leaving behind a corporate position in the fashion industry. After a two-year hiatus, her retail passion transitioned into personal wardrobe styling that eventually eased into fashion blogging. In March 2017, she launched a local online boutique, My Style Scoop, with her business partner, Nicole Sindle. Her main goal is to help women of all ages, shapes and sizes find versatile wardrobes with on-trend and affordable clothing options.Her favorite part is offering multiple ways to style pieces, so clients/customers never struggle with what to wear.

Throughout the past 10 years, Hendersonville has grown into her hometown. She loves the small-town feel and the loyalty from residents with their willingness to stand behind their local businesses and people.

Rick Murray 

Photographer. Photojournalist. Writer.
Each of these terms has been used to label Rick Murray, but they merely describe tools and skillsets, not Rick. At his core, he is a storyteller. Whether using a camera to capture an image or writing a feature article, he is trying to relate a story to my audience. Whether covering people or events, there is nothing that Rick would rather be doing than telling the proud story of his community.

Along with storytelling, Rick also loves to meet new people and to experience new things. He doesn’t believe that you can truly understand or appreciate a locality until you get to know its people and its traditions. Rick has lived in Hendersonville since 2001 and has a passion for learning about and relating the narrative of the great people and spirit of our city. Hendersonville has a great story to tell, and he is honored to help tell it.