Welcome to the first Hendersonville Lifestyle magazine 
Readers’ Choice issue. This issue is dedicated to all the hardworking businesses in the Hendersonville/Sumner County area that our readers have voted as the best and brightest in their category. From great burgers, pizza, casual and fine dining to best dentist, vets and more, there was a lot of categories to vote on.

This issue is the culmination a months-long process. Readers nominated businesses in October, and the top four to five finalists were voted on in November. We were overjoyed with the enthusiasm and level of competitiveness the contest received. We were also surprised with how close many of the categories were, some separated by only one vote.

We want to thank our readers and friends that took the time to write in a nominee and those that voted. We understand that voting in 31 categories is no small task and we credit you with the success of this issue. So with that, the debate is over, our readers have spoken, the results are in and Hendersonville can officially put this to bed for the next 12 months.

We’ll see you around. Enjoy.