Foxlands Harbor on Old Hickory Lake

This exquisite, modern, 10,295-square-foot, single-family home is located in the quiet neighborhood of Foxland Harbor on Old Hickory Lake in Gallatin. This lakefront property sits on a 2-acre lot overlooking Old Hickory Lake. This stylish residence was built in 2013 and features seven bedrooms—including a guest studio apartment with its own balcony view of the lake—a gorgeous outdoor entertaining space, an in-ground pool, a finished basement with a game room, a playroom and an in-home gym.


The favorite room of the home’s residents is the large, open-concept kitchen. It’s ideal for anyone who loves to cook. The large counter island makes it easy for kids to be involved in the preparation of their favorite meals. Complete with a walk-in pantry, the kitchen holds ample storage for everything needed to make savory culinary creations.

Living Room

For the house’s younger residents, the living room is the place to be. But you won’t find couches and end tables in this living room! Instead, the room’s spacious floor plan and high ceilings make it the ideal gymnastics practice arena. Complete with a large, rectangular, screened-in trampoline; a balance beam; and a set of uneven bars, this living room the ultimate practice space for two competitive gymnasts.

Outdoor Patio

Perhaps the most coveted aspect of this house is the covered patio. A picturesque view of the lake serves as the backdrop for this ultimate entertaining space. Featuring its own cooking area, a fireplace, a comfortable outdoor living space, an in-ground pool and shower room for guests to enjoy, this terrace hosts its fair share of work parties, birthday parties and family gatherings. The outside-access shower room virtually eliminates wet messes inside from dripping pool patrons. The fireplace allows for outdoor entertaining throughout the spring and fall months, and the covered living space provide the perfect shade for summer celebrations. It’s the quintessential social spot!