Affordable Living through Recycling 6

Habitat ReStore of Sumner County

Reuse. Renew. Restore. These three simple words describe the mission of the Habitat ReStore of Sumner County. Both a retail store and a warehouse, ReStore serves a vital role in advancing reusability. Along with providing new homes for donated goods, ReStore also provides a significant funding source that helps support ongoing operations of the parent organization.

“ReStore helps support the affiliate so that they can cover the costs of all of the overhead. That way, when Habitat folks go out and ask for funds to build a house, the prospective donors will know that 100 percent of their donations will go toward construction,” ReStore General Manager Paul Sears says.

The Habitat ReStore offers a wide variety of home improvement goods to its customers, including new and lightly used furniture, home accessories, building supplies and appliances. More than 97 percent of the inventory comes from donations with the remaining 3 percent consists of store-purchased items such as flooring, paint and painting supplies.

Reusability of merchandise and the preservation of the environment are important tenets for the Habitat Restore.

“We like for people to give us things that have some life left—that are gently used so that we can distribute them to other folks who can use them,” he says. “That way, we don’t have to put things into landfills that can still be used.”

ReStore’s goals align quite well with those of the parent organization: to build safe, decent, affordable homes for hardworking families.

“This is not just a job; it is a mission,” Paul says. “We believe in what’s being done, and we want to help people.”