Halotherapy Retreat 2

At Salt MedSpa

Halotherapy, also referred to as salt therapy, has been practiced for centuries with the belief that being surrounded by and inhaling salt air can cure ailments including skin problems, respiratory issues and much more. Salt Medspa, located at 393 E. Main St. in Hendersonville, is owned by Glen and Karen Mitchell and daughter Sarah. It opened in 2016 and has recently expanded to offer additional services. The salt room has all-natural top-grade salt on the walls. Himalayan salt is on the floors and micronized salt combined with mist is pumped into the room. 

“A typical session is 45 minutes and is the equivalent of three days of salt air at the beach,” Sarah says.

At Salt Medspa, it is all about time and results as all of their services provide a way to take care of yourself naturally while getting you in and out quickly. Their additional services include mini-facials, 30-minute massages and infrared sauna sessions from 15 to 45 minutes. Even the HydraFacials “are only 30 to 45 minutes, perfect for a lunch break,” Sarah says.

Treat yourself or a loved one to halotherapy and more at Salt Medspa.  

“(It’s the) equivalent of three days of salt air at the beach.”

Salt Room: First session as low as $10

Hydra Facial MD: A four-step process—cleansing, acid peel, extractions, hydration—that detoxifies rehydrates and protects the skin. Starting at $149

Infrared Sauna: Uses infrared technology to deliver a variety of sauna benefits, including lowered blood pressure, detoxification and weight loss. Starting at $15 for a 15-minute session

Salt Lamps: From $19-$69

Zengo Bracelets: From $14-$25