June 2018 Around Town 4

Vol State’s New Summer Terms Allows Students to Take More Classes

Starting in summer 2018, Volunteer State Community College will expand its summer terms to permit students to take more classes. As of May 21, the college will offer three-week, six-week and traditional 12-week classes. The new format will reduce the overlapping of class terms, which will increase student class scheduling flexibility. As an added plus, the new terms are designed to fit around family holidays and other summer events.

The first option is a three-week session class. The college offers four of those sessions during the summer, with classes starting on May 21, June 11, July 2 and July 23. The start date for first six-week and 12-week classes was also May 21 and the start date for the second six-week term is July 2.  

The summer semester ends on August 10. Summer classes are offered in-person, online and in a wide variety of subject areas. There are no orientation requirements for summer courses, which makes applying and registering easy. For a complete list of the summer dates, visit VolState.edu.

Alexandre Renoir Exhibit Opens at Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center

Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center opened a new exhibition featuring recent work by noted painter Alexandre Renoir. “Alexandre Renoir: Beauty Remains” showcases more than 40 of his paintings, primarily oils on canvas.

Alexandre is the great-grandson of famed French Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The 44-year-old, who was born in France and raised in western Canada, is visiting Tennessee from his home in Northern California.

Among the featured works is a painting Alexandre created specifically for the Tennessee exhibition, “Moonlight and Magnolias,” which features a view of historical Monthaven. Posters of the commemorative painting are available for purchase at Monthaven.

Vol State Literary Magazine wins National Award

The Volunteer State Community College student literary arts magazine, Pioneer Pen, recently won a national award from the American Scholastic Press Association for the 2017 edition.  

“Pioneer Pen is an opportunity for students to have their work published and viewed by a large audience,” Laura McClister, faculty adviser, says. “We receive many submissions, and only the best are published.”

Pioneer Pen may be taken as an English practicum at Vol State. It is designed to provide students with hands-on experience in all aspects of publishing a literary arts magazine. 

“I wanted to join Pioneer Pen partly because I’m a writer, but I want to do some work as an editor in journalism, and I thought it would give me some legitimate experience,” Student editor Kaily Farrell says. “My favorite part is putting it all together and seeing which pieces actually complement each other, even though they may be from different people. It reminds me there’s a sort of universality among all artists whether they’re painters, writers or photographers.”

For more information about the Pioneer Pen and other Vol State publications, visit VolState.edu.

Tennessee Math Teachers Association Math Competition at Vol State

The Tennessee Math Teachers Association held a regional math competition at Volunteer State Community College recently. Hundreds of students from schools across the area competed in algebra I and II, geometry, statistics, precalculus and calculus. 

Winners will go on to compete in the state competition to be held later this year. The schools participating included Davidson Academy, Hendersonville High School, Merrol Hyde Magnet School, Portland High School, Sumner Academy, Gallatin High School, Station Camp High School, Pope John Paul II High School, Highland Academy and Trousdale High School. 

TMTA Math Competition winners in calculus: Alexander Krneta (Hendersonville High School, first place), Ian Dilick (Pope John Paul II High School, second place), Jonathan Caldwell (Merrol Hyde Magnet School, third place) and Jerry Faulkner, Vol State president.

Carol Ernst Wins 2018 Sumner County Order of the Horse Award

Hendersonville resident Carol Ernst, the leader behind Mary’s Magical Place (the city’s first all-inclusive playground), was awarded the Order of the Horse prize April 12 at the State of the County Forum. First given in 1997, the award recognizes local groups or individuals who have served Sumner County through their service and their leadership.

She received the award from Sumner County Executive Anthony Holt, who praised her “contributions to the health and wellness of our community.” 

Before giving her acceptance speech, she called her fellow committee members to the podium so they could share the honor with her.

Carol Ernst accepts the 2018 Order of the Horse Award. Also pictured: Anne Johnson, Rachel McAuley, Sumner County Executive Anthony Holt, Jennifer Finlin, Beth Wettengel and Kristina Courtney.