What to Do When Your Gadgets & Electronics Break 3

uBreakiFix: Keeping Technology Working in Hendersonville

Accidents happen. Breakdowns happen too. Most of the time, we accept their inevitability, and we just deal with them as they occur. However, when the failures impact our technology such as smartphones, tablets and computers, these events can have significant adverse impacts on our lives.


Given the growing dependence on smart devices, periods of downtime can present serious problems in both personal and business situations. In today’s technology-driven environment, many people are completely dependent upon their smart devices to provide them with the schedules, communications and information needed to get through their busy days.


Fortunately, Hendersonville area residents have a fast and efficient local solution to gadget woes in the form of uBreakiFix. Located at 112C Saundersville Road, uBreakiFix provides the first line of defense against device failures resulting from accidental damage and component failures.


As soon as customers step inside of uBreakiFix, they realize the company is not a typical repair shop. From a sparkling showroom to an ultra-clean repair room, uBreakiFix is designed to be the one-stop repair destination for modern devices and gadgets.


While smartphones, tablets and computers are its mainstays, uBreakiFix has been successful at repairing many different electronic devices. From gaming systems to radios to eight-track players, uBreakiFix has been able to restore life to a variety of modern and vintage electronic systems, according to Hendersonville store manager Adam Warner.


According to owner Susan Wright, uBreakiFix’s business model is built upon three key concepts: customer service, quality repairs and courteous, knowledgeable technicians. uBreakiFix has invested heavily in employee training, laboratory-grade diagnostic equipment and spare parts to make sure that the customer device repair experience is as painless as possible. With more than 25,000 successful repairs in the past three years, the uBreakiFix model has proven to be a winner for its customers.

According to uBreakiFix owner Susan Wright, repair statistics show that the average time from purchasing a new smartphone and breaking it is 10 weeks.