Going on Safari for Jungle Tea 1

A Reborn Restaurant Offers Up a Cool Summertime Drink in Hendersonville

From the early 1990s until the mid-2000s, Safari’s was a very popular restaurant located near Rivergate Mall. It was known for a unique theme that included jungle-styled furnishings, music and a giant aquarium. Although the original location closed in 2005, General Manager Ross El-Bobou opened a new Hendersonville Safari’s in December 2017. Featuring many of the original restaurant items, the reborn Safari’s offers a wide array of burgers, salads, seafood, fajitas, and chicken and steak items, with brick oven-cooked pizzas coming soon.  

Safari’s Brick Oven & Grille Jungle Tea

Hendersonville’s new Safari’s Brick Oven & Grille offers a large bar that features a wide variety of beers, wines and specialty drinks. One of the restaurant’s most popular drinks is called Jungle Tea. Similar to the classic Long Island Iced Tea, Safari’s Jungle Tea includes a splash of Razzmatazz to add a crisp, raspberry flavor.



1/2 ounce rum

1/4 ounce vodka

1/4 ounce gin

1/4 ounce triple sec

2 ounces sweet and sour mix

2 ounces Sprite

DeKuyper Razzmatazz, to float

Lime, for garnish


Add ice to a chilled glass. Combine, rum, vodka, gin, triple sec, sweet and sour mix, and Sprite in the glass. Pour a small amount of DeKuyper Razzmatazz on top. Garnish with lime wedge and serve.

230 E. Main St., Hendersonville, Tennessee, 615.991.3958