Hendersonville Reaches its Golden Anniversary

1969 was a year of change.

Apollo 11.




Boeing 747.

The Beatles.

These events and many more shaped the global stage and left indelible fingerprints upon history. No doubt about it, 1969 was significant.

However, 1969 had a more personal meaning in Sumner County. It marked the year that Hendersonville was incorporated as a city. It was the year that our lakeside community finally became a reality.

Today, Hendersonville citizens know how blessed we are to live here.

Great neighborhoods, outstanding parks, strong schools, historical sites, music and art venues, a thriving business community and Old Hickory Lake—Hendersonville truly has it all.

Hendersonville has come a long way from its founding by Sen. Daniel Smith in the late 1780s. However, despite its many changes, we are confident that Sen. Smith would be pleased with how Hendersonville has grown up.

Throughout the rest of the year, there will be many special events that will pay homage to Hendersonville’s golden anniversary. The celebration will kick off with the second annual Sumner Fest at Sanders Ferry Park on May 4, followed up by the grand opening of the new plaza at the Streets of Indian Lake on May 9. Other events are currently in the planning stages, with details to be announced soon.

We at Hendersonville Lifestyle would like to take the opportunity to wish the City by the Lake a happy 50th anniversary.

We offer a toast to continued growth and prosperity in the years to come!