Loretta Lynn’s Homemade Peanut Butter Fudge

As the daughter of country music superstar Loretta Lynn, you would think that Peggy Lynn Marchetti’s earliest reminiscences would be filled with songs, cheering fans and constant touring. However, as important as these things were, her favorite memories revolve around growing up in a warm and loving family.

Liven Up Your Dining Experience with Salt Block Cooking

Throughout the past decade, cooking shows have exploded across various cable TV channels, with some networks entirely devoted to food and the art of preparation. Offering a diverse array of chefs and their custom-crafted recipes, these programs draw in millions of viewers each week.

Thanksgiving Goodies for You and Your Pet

There are few things that are more eagerly anticipated in Hendersonville each year than sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. The delicious tastes and aromas of turkey, dressing and desserts transcend the day, evoking memories of holidays past.

Styling Eggs Benedict with Cafe 393

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  The restaurant business has always been in the blood of the mother and daughter team of Nadine Simons and Tanya McPherson. As co-owners of Café 393 in Hendersonville, the duo has gone out of their way to create a comfortable, mom-and-pop-style establishment that lets them combine their favorite interests of food, fun, family and friends.  Since…

Going on Safari for Jungle Tea

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  From the early 1990s until the mid-2000s, Safari's was a very popular restaurant located near Rivergate Mall. It was known for a unique theme that included jungle-styled furnishings, music and a giant aquarium. Although the original location closed in 2005, General Manager Ross El-Bobou opened a new Hendersonville Safari's in December 2017. Featuring many of the original restaurant…

Regina’s Sausage Hash

Regina Gammon loves to cook, particularly when her favorite produce and ingredients are fresh and in season. As the owner of Hendersonville Produce, Regina understands the difference that locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices can make in the taste of her culinary creations. She also loves the flavor that meat raised and prepared at nearby farms brings to her dishes.

Duck, Duck, Confit Quesadilla

“Hustle” is the name of the game in Asheville, a city where most folks juggle at least two jobs to make ends and dreams meet. It’s a concept Bandidos owner and chef Justin Smudde knows a thing or two about. The wily entrepreneur has a handful of businesses, including Bandidos and Blue Ridge Renovations. Over the years he’s ventured into…

Mom’s Chocolate Pie

Kori Langford was raised in the restaurant business. Some of her earliest memories come from helping her family open and operate Shoney’s restaurants.

Inside Hendersonville Lifestyle’s Cookie Jar

"In March of 2013, I went from the security of corporate life to the adventure of being an entrepreneur with Cookie Advantage," Bruce Lange says. "We are a customer appreciation company, and our goal is to wow the clients and customers of the companies we work with. We send fresh-baked goodies in custom tins and even include the recipe for…

Little Chefs

Looking for some fun, easy recipes to try with your kids this Thanksgiving? Here are a few simple ideas that you and your youngsters can create and enjoy before, during and after November 23!