Organize Your Life Through a Closet Audit

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  Sooner or later, all homeowners are faced with the decision of what to do when they find themselves running out of storage space. Whether in closets, attics, garages or pantries, new things just seem to come into a home faster than old things go out, resulting in an inevitable space crunch. To resolve this quandary, Hendersonville Lifestyle…

The Ultimate Tailgate Party

Fall is in the air and, come October, sports are in full swing. Whether you prefer college football Saturdays—cheering on your favorite team, paying special attention to the various conference rivalries—or professional football Sundays—in front of the TV, keeping a close eye on your fantasy football team—everyone can use some tips to throw the perfect tailgate party, even if you…


Full of beautiful colors and bright blooms, spring is a flower lover's dream come true. Follow these simple steps to create a beautiful centerpiece everyone can enjoy this season.

Old Fashioned Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you wish to make these old-fashioned type ornaments you will need the following supplies: