Capturing Senior Portraits That Will Last a Lifetime

During August, as summer begins to wind down, many people’s thoughts begin to look toward the return of fall and the onset of a new school year. As temperatures moderate and trees don their fall colors, it is the perfect time of year for high school senior portraits.

Orthodontics Without Fears or Tears

Picture a comfortable place where kids are having fun playing video games and watching their favorite cartoons. Colorful balloons and T-shirts abound, and the smell of freshly baked cookies permeates the air. Imagine the sounds of laughter and the sights of young faces glowing with smiles.

Pet Partners That Serve and Protect

Sometimes, the bond between human and animal transcends the traditional owner-pet relationship. In these cases, animals become much more than pets; they become professional partners.

Hot Wheels Make Summer Cruising Fun

The 2019 Ford ROUSH Mustang with a Stage 3 package is really hotter than July, and we all know how hot it gets in the month of July here. Sold locally at Town & Country Ford in Madison, the ROUSH packages are added onto Mustangs and F series pickups. 

Local Bands Bring Out the Sounds of Summer

There’s just nothing like summertime in Hendersonville. It is a time when friends and families like to get together and enjoy life at a slower pace. No doubt about it, we all love this time of year.

Beat the Heat with a RiverShip Cruise

Capt. Russ Lee was born for a life on the water. As a tow boat and passenger ship captain, he has been navigating area waterways since 1977.

There’s No Place Like Home

 Summertime is vacation time.  It is a time when many folks are eager to travel afar to experience new and exotic locations. However, many people prefer the simpler pleasure of visiting interesting places closer to home.  Fortunately, Hendersonville residents have many interesting places to visit right in our backyard. We are blessed to live in a city and a county that…

Olympian Construction Company Raises the Bar

Olympian Construction Company is a full-service general contractor and construction management firm located on Center Point Road in Hendersonville. The company designs and builds structures for a wide variety of clients, including commercial, industrial, educational, religious and governmental entities.

A Longtime Hendersonville Jewel Shines Anew

A traditional male rite of passage is the conveying of wisdom from a father to his son. While there are many variations on this theme, one of the most common involves important contacts to know. One that is sure to be on every list is the family’s local jeweler.

Trendy Cuts for Men

The Styles You Want + How to Get Them The Fade + Hard Part HAIR TYPE Straight + Short WHAT IT IS There are many different types of fades, but ultimately a fade haircut is one that tapers in length the further down you go on the back and sides, meaning it isn’t trimmed to just one … Continued