Pampered Pets and Their Parents

 Article Rick Murray | Photography Rick Murray and Lynn Bowles  Across the United States, pet owners are going to new heights in the care and pampering of their furry companions. Today, dogs, cats and other animals are not simply adopted and provided basic care. Instead, modern-day pet parents treat their animals like family members. From exotic foods to extended veterinary care to custom grooming and…

Kid-Friendly Hangouts in Hendersonville

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  During summertime and holiday breaks, local parents are always looking for places they can take their children to keep them active and learning. Fortunately, Hendersonville has an abundance of kid-friendly destinations that offer safe, affordable entertainment. From parks and entertainment complexes to learning centers, the City by the Lake has something to keep every child occupied.  By definition, kid-friendly…

Five Things I Love

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  Eight-year-old Rashawn Hoosier is always on the go. The son of Jerome and Christie Hoosier, Rashawn is a rising third-grader at Beech Elementary School in Hendersonville. Every day, he approaches both school and outside interests with a passion. Whether participating in team sports or playing video games, Rashawn always gives his best. Despite his interest in recreational activities, Rashawn does…

A New Day

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  Since she was a little girl, Rachel McAuley has always loved horses. Having grown up in Hendersonville, she has vivid memories of when the city had many acres of beautiful pasture land holding stables filled with beautiful horses.  She began pleading with her parents to buy her a horse. For years, she always received the same answer:…

Going on Safari for Jungle Tea

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  From the early 1990s until the mid-2000s, Safari's was a very popular restaurant located near Rivergate Mall. It was known for a unique theme that included jungle-styled furnishings, music and a giant aquarium. Although the original location closed in 2005, General Manager Ross El-Bobou opened a new Hendersonville Safari's in December 2017. Featuring many of the original restaurant…

Hero Hunt

 Article and Photography Lynn Bowles  Hero Hunt, Inc. is a nonprofit charity in Middle Tennessee that works with military, police, firefighters and first responders who have been injured in the line of duty by providing them a way to get out hunting with other men and women who may be enduring similar situations.  Joe Towers and his wife started the…

Sam’s Sports Grill: A Hot Spot for Guys in Hendersonville

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  After a long workday, many guys like to stop off at their favorite hangout to relax for a while. In Hendersonville, one of the most popular getaways is Sam’s Sports Grill, located in the Streets of Indian Lake.  

What to Do When Your Gadgets & Electronics Break

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  Accidents happen. Breakdowns happen too. Most of the time, we accept their inevitability, and we just deal with them as they occur. However, when the failures impact our technology such as smartphones, tablets and computers, these events can have significant adverse impacts on our lives.  

Men Making a Difference in Hendersonville

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  Scotty Bush - Fire Chief, Hendersonville Fire Department  Scotty Bush joined the Hendersonville Fire Department in 1990, serving as both firefighter and paramedic. Since then, he was promoted to senior firefighter, captain and then division chief before being named fire chief in 2015.

Michelle and Her Mom

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  Favorite Bible Verse: Ecclestiastes 4:12  Heartsaver CPR Certification Card