Yuletide in the City by the Lake

During the holiday season, most communities have special celebrations that are built around local customs and traditions. From tree-lighting ceremonies to caroling to parades, these events help bring residents together each year in a spirit of good cheer and fellowship.

Luxury Living in Bluegrass Downs

It is always wonderful to be home for the holidays, and there is no finer home around than Horseshoe Manor in the Bluegrass Downs community in Hendersonville. This stunning and elegant home offers all the comforts and upgraded features homeowners could ever desire.

Au Revoir, Picasso

 2019 has been a very good year for Hendersonville.  Steady business growth, expanding tourism, new neighborhoods and outstanding educational opportunities have continued to make us all proud to live in the 37075.  No doubt about it, Hendersonville has truly come into its own during the year of its 50th anniversary.

Gifts Galore in Hendersonville

As the weather turns cooler, we begin to think about the holiday season. Christmas parades, tree lightings, garlands and glitter—the signs of the season are all around us.

Jammin’ in the City by the Lake

As the sun set over Hendersonville’s Drakes Creek Park, bright lights and joyous sounds began to rise from a stage to the east heralding the start of the Hendersonville Hometown Jam. Featuring a star-studded lineup of legendary country and bluegrass performers, the event was held in celebration of Hendersonville’s 50th anniversary.

Baileys Peanut Butter Cuppa’ Coffee

The Baileys Peanut Butter Cuppa’ Coffee is the perfect hot drink to warm your heart and soul this month. This cocktail features a combination of chocolate, peanut butter and Baileys Original Irish Creme.

Loretta Lynn’s Homemade Peanut Butter Fudge

As the daughter of country music superstar Loretta Lynn, you would think that Peggy Lynn Marchetti’s earliest reminiscences would be filled with songs, cheering fans and constant touring. However, as important as these things were, her favorite memories revolve around growing up in a warm and loving family.

Ahoy, Mateys! Your Cajun Boil has Arrived

Imagine a cozy restaurant, filled with the sights and sounds of the coast. Spicy aromas fill the air, drawing you and your guests into a world of seafood delight. As you nibble a bit of succulent crab and wash it down with a cold brew, you gaze out of a window to catch a view of the high tide rolling…

Orange Blossom Ring of Fire Special

Hendersonville has long been known for many things, including its parks and its proximity to Old Hickory Lake. It is also famous for being the home of many famous country music legends, including the late Johnny and June Carter Cash.

Liven Up Your Dining Experience with Salt Block Cooking

Throughout the past decade, cooking shows have exploded across various cable TV channels, with some networks entirely devoted to food and the art of preparation. Offering a diverse array of chefs and their custom-crafted recipes, these programs draw in millions of viewers each week.