Hendersonville HolidayFest

During the holiday season, many communities around the world host signature events that are built around local customs and traditions.  These events, ranging from tree lighting ceremonies to parades, help bring residents together each year in a spirit of good cheer and fellowship. In Hendersonville, however, the holiday season is not limited to just one or two such events. Instead, the…


As Sandy Lovett, director of the Literacy Council of Middle Tennessee, shares a story about a student who was struggling with classwork, and then, with the help of the center, is now on the honor roll, she gets emotional. It is clear that serving as the director of the council and being an educator is deeply important to her. She…

Inside Hendersonville Lifestyle’s Cookie Jar

"In March of 2013, I went from the security of corporate life to the adventure of being an entrepreneur with Cookie Advantage," Bruce Lange says. "We are a customer appreciation company, and our goal is to wow the clients and customers of the companies we work with. We send fresh-baked goodies in custom tins and even include the recipe for…

Out of the Kitchen in Hendersonville

Over the past 10 years, Hendersonville’s rapid growth has brought many new restaurants to the area offering a wide variety of dining styles and cuisines. Built upon the passion of a new generation of restaurateurs, these eateries offer Hendersonville diners a wide variety of dining styles and cuisines unmatched by most cities its size. This month, Hendersonville Lifestyle showcases three of…

Turkey and “Dressing”

It’s that time of year again as we get ready to gather together with our friends and loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving and all that we are grateful for. We joyfully prepare our traditional dishes of sweet potato casserole and pumpkin flavored everything. We make room for out-of-town guests and stock our liquor cabinets to brace ourselves for those family members we…

Little Chefs

Looking for some fun, easy recipes to try with your kids this Thanksgiving? Here are a few simple ideas that you and your youngsters can create and enjoy before, during and after November 23!

Hendersonville Area Colleges & Universities

Over the past 10 years, there has been a quiet revolution in higher education in Sumner County. Before this period, residents seeking post-high school educational opportunities beyond the community college level had to attend institutions located outside of the county. These options typically resulted in significantly higher educational costs due to campus room and board or commuting expenses.

The Ultimate Tailgate Party

Fall is in the air and, come October, sports are in full swing. Whether you prefer college football Saturdays—cheering on your favorite team, paying special attention to the various conference rivalries—or professional football Sundays—in front of the TV, keeping a close eye on your fantasy football team—everyone can use some tips to throw the perfect tailgate party, even if you…

From the Desk to the Stands

It’s fall, y'all, but more importantly, it’s tailgating season with our favorite football teams! Whether you are an SEC college fan—ahem, Roll Tide—or your team spirit hangs with the Titans, dressing for the main event can feel repetitive when outfitting your game day attire.

A Stylized Conversation

Each month I have the honor of writing a specific fashion topic that includes outfit ideas and style inspiration. This issue, I was asked to share a little about me to each of you and how these articles have come to life over the past year.