Modeling for a Cause

Nothing beats a special night of glitz and glamour to help usher in the holiday season. It is even more meaningful when the fun and festivities help raise funds for local charities.

Basking in the Golden Years

“May your heart always be busy, may your song always be sung. And may you stay, may you stay, forever young.”

Recycling the Gift of Life

 “Thank you for being a friend.”  Beginning with these title words, singer/songwriter Andrew Gold describes a deep and long-lasting friendship in his 1978 hit song. Anyone who has ever experienced a close bond with another person can certainly appreciate his sentiments.  Later in the song, Gold added an additional lyric.

Affordable Living through Recycling

Reuse. Renew. Restore. These three simple words describe the mission of the Habitat ReStore of Sumner County. Both a retail store and a warehouse, ReStore serves a vital role in advancing reusability. Along with providing new homes for donated goods, ReStore also provides a significant funding source that helps support ongoing operations of the parent organization. 


As Sandy Lovett, director of the Literacy Council of Middle Tennessee, shares a story about a student who was struggling with classwork, and then, with the help of the center, is now on the honor roll, she gets emotional. It is clear that serving as the director of the council and being an educator is deeply important to her. She…

From Hendersonville to Haiti

About five years ago local resident Katherine Louw found herself at a crossroads. She had always been an active volunteer and, in fact, had previously worked in fundraising for eight years with Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. Yet, she still felt as though she was seeking a greater purpose, “All the volunteer work I’d been doing was great…

Crossing Oceans and Changing LIves

If you tried to row across an ocean in a boat, how far would you make it? Brentwood resident Phil Theodore was determined to answer that question for himself, and it turns out the answer was, “all the way across.”

Chasing Normal

I could pack this article with statistics: approximately 23 million people live with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. Nearly 16 million children under the age of 18 have been orphaned by AIDS in Africa alone. Each day, 6,000 people in Africa die from AIDS.