Get Your Greek on with Taziki’s

Picture a place in the City by the Lake that serves fresh, healthy food in a comfortable decor reminiscent of Greece. A community place, where you can meet up with friends and family, have a delicious meal and celebrate the joys of life.

Myers’ Front Porch: A Friendly, Healthy Difference

“Turquoise (ˈturˌk(w)oiz) noun: A greenish-blue color that symbolizes refreshment, friendship, love, tranquility and loyalty.”

New Year’s Eve at Safari’s

Everyone loves a good celebration, and there is no better time for one than New Year’s Eve. There is no shortage of available entertainment options in and around Hendersonville, including attending local parties, reveling in downtown Nashville and spending the evening at home waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square.

Kid-Friendly Hangouts in Hendersonville

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  During summertime and holiday breaks, local parents are always looking for places they can take their children to keep them active and learning. Fortunately, Hendersonville has an abundance of kid-friendly destinations that offer safe, affordable entertainment. From parks and entertainment complexes to learning centers, the City by the Lake has something to keep every child occupied.  By definition, kid-friendly…

Sam’s Sports Grill: A Hot Spot for Guys in Hendersonville

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  After a long workday, many guys like to stop off at their favorite hangout to relax for a while. In Hendersonville, one of the most popular getaways is Sam’s Sports Grill, located in the Streets of Indian Lake.  

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Where is it? Located at 393 E. Main St. in Hendersonville, next to Bluegrass Bar and Grill and Helen's Hot Chicken. Open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. This little treasure just opened its new Hendersonville location in March, and there has been a line at their door to get in ever since. It's easy to see why.

A Local Food Experience, In More Ways Than One

Locally sourced food is a great option for consumers that are looking for a fresh and clean taste. According to an article entitled “7 Benefits of Eating Local Foods”, by Rita Klavinski of MSU Extension, locally sourced items can have more nutrients because the time between harvest and consumption is much less than food that is shipped. Klavinski says in…

Fall For Family Fun At Holder

The air is cooler, the pools are closed and the days are getting shorter, but you still have plenty of options for fun in Hendersonville with Holder Family Fun Center. Over 96,000 square feet of fun in fact, according to Barbara Holder. She and husband Dan Holder introduced the fun center concept to Hendersonville in the mid-90s and haven’t looked…

Hendersonville’s Unchained Chain

You might say The Chop House of Hendersonville is not your typical restaurant chain. Yes, it’s owned by Connor Concepts, Inc. with 12 other locations in four states across the Southeast, but as General Manager Josh Woodham notes, early on they knew that to be successful in Hendersonville they would have to do things a bit differently.