What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then

As we grow older, we often find ourselves reflecting on lessons that we have learned in our lives. Quite often, we realize that if we had learned some of these lessons sooner rather than later, our lives might have been less stressful. Personal trainers are just like the rest of us in this respect. Given a few moments to reflect,…

Cheers to the New Year

With the holiday season just around the corner, we asked a few local community members to share what 2017 has meant to them and what they look forward to celebrating in 2018. 

Thanksgiving Traditions

"Our favorite Thanksgiving tradition is having family together," Frances Marcou says. She shares that since that is not always possible, they like to celebrate friendship. "We try to include folks that might not have family here or that are far away from home."

Say What?

In general, hearing aids have improved tremendously in their ability to pick up sound and bring it to people. One of the biggest advancements in hearing aids is their capability to connect with other devices, such as your cellphone. Your phone can now be used as a direct remote into the hearing aids which allows for much easier conversation in…

Carrying the Weight of Working Out

Scent aside, your gym bag is a pleasant partner to accompany you to the gym. But with a limited amount of space, it’s important to pack your gym bag efficiently.  If you’re a true workout enthusiast, cover your nose because it’s time to unzip your gym bag to toss in these five essential items: