Capturing Senior Portraits That Will Last a Lifetime

During August, as summer begins to wind down, many people’s thoughts begin to look toward the return of fall and the onset of a new school year. As temperatures moderate and trees don their fall colors, it is the perfect time of year for high school senior portraits.

Fall Traditions: Hendersonville Area High School Football Overview

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  Cooler temperatures and colorful leaves herald the arrival of one of the best times of the year: football season. From pee-wee leagues through the NFL, no other sport captivates Hendersonville like football. The rampant enthusiasm for the sport is most evident on Friday nights through the tradition that is high school football. With five area teams, locals are…

Sumner County Schools’ 2016-17 Teachers of the Year

Reed Clapp teaches third grade in a self-contained classroom. He has been teaching for eight years—two years in Kentucky and the past six in Sumner County.