Season of Style

We’ve all had that moment when our closet is full but we can’t find a single thing to wear. Whether it’s too big, too small, or just plain last season, the perfect outfit can be difficult to find. It’s no wonder, too. Our style is the first thing the rest of the world sees, and … Continued

September 2018 Around Town

Hendersonville’s WRK.PLC Dance Studio Brings Home Three National Championships Dancers from The WRK.PLC. troupe recently competed at Nexstar National Dance Competition in Orlando, Florida. Three of the routines won National Championship Awards for their age divisions, and the studio also brought home $1,750 in prize money. “Mourning Child” won the Intermediate Junior Duet category, “No … Continued

Insta-Inspire in Hendersonville

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  These days, there is no shortage of fashion blogs, personal shopping services and clothing stores around the country. However, it is unusual to find all three offerings within one company. Hendersonville has just such a place in My Style Scoop. Established in 2017, My Style Scoop is a custom boutique that offers fashion advise, personalized shopping and hand-selected…

Organize Your Life Through a Closet Audit

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  Sooner or later, all homeowners are faced with the decision of what to do when they find themselves running out of storage space. Whether in closets, attics, garages or pantries, new things just seem to come into a home faster than old things go out, resulting in an inevitable space crunch. To resolve this quandary, Hendersonville Lifestyle…

Brown’s Florist Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a celebration in honor of Brown's Florist's 50th anniversary on July 17. Held at its 269 W. Main St. location, the event attracted a large crowd of customers and other special guests.

Styling Eggs Benedict with Cafe 393

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  The restaurant business has always been in the blood of the mother and daughter team of Nadine Simons and Tanya McPherson. As co-owners of Café 393 in Hendersonville, the duo has gone out of their way to create a comfortable, mom-and-pop-style establishment that lets them combine their favorite interests of food, fun, family and friends.  Since…

Fall Traditions: Hendersonville Area High School Football Overview

 Article and Photography Rick Murray  Cooler temperatures and colorful leaves herald the arrival of one of the best times of the year: football season. From pee-wee leagues through the NFL, no other sport captivates Hendersonville like football. The rampant enthusiasm for the sport is most evident on Friday nights through the tradition that is high school football. With five area teams, locals are…

Hendersonville Freedom Festival held on July 3

The annual Hendersonville Freedom Festival and "Hendersonville's Got Talent" show were held at Drakes Creek Park on July 3.

McAlister’s Deli Ribbon Cutting

The Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting for the new McAlister's Deli at 203 Indian Lake Blvd. on June 25.

Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center Hosts Sumner Masters

Sumner County is widely known for its lush landscapes, farmland and wildlife. It is also the home of two world-renowned artists, photographer William Lee Golden and painter Joel Knapp. Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center is proud to highlight these artists and their works in Sumner Masters: The Art of Joel Knapp and Photography of William Lee Golden.